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Benefits Of Fence Staining

Benefits of Fence Staining

Staining A Wood Fence Has Advantages

After a fence is installed, maintenance is key for a strong, lasting and beautiful fence. As a matter of fact, a fence that has been stained can help avoid common problems with wood fencing such as fading, splintering, and helping withstand some of the weather elements nature throws at the wood. Using a high-quality and durable fence stain can keep your fence looking great and lasting for many years.

However, failing to use quality stain or not staining at all can make maintaining your fence difficult. At Legacy Painting, our Indianapolis fence staining professionals use the best stains on your fence (or whichever stain you prefer). We believe and have seen that utilizing quality materials keeps your fence looking great with good protection. To learn more about how we can help with your fence staining project, contact Legacy Painting at (317) 426-7228 and we will do our best to answer your questions.

How Fence Staining Protects Wood

As a Preferred Contractor with PPG, we like to use the best materials available and we have found their ProLuxe™ line of wood stains is one of the best on the market. But whichever stain you choose, some of the benefits of applying a stain to your wood fence are:

  • UV Protection: The darker the stain, the more protection.
  • Mildew and Rotting: Staining can help reduce mildew and avoid wood rot
  • Color Matching: With many color option of semi-transparent and solid color stains available, you can easily match or accent colors on the home.
  • Longer Lifespan: Wood fence staining can greatly increase the life of your fence.

At Legacy Painting, we believe in using quality stains to increase the time between maintenance. Wood stains will break down over time no matter the brand or type. Overall, using a quality stain can give you more years between re-applications.

*Keep in mind there is a difference between fence staining and fence painting. If you want lower maintenance and your wood to last, we recommend staining your fence instead of using paint. Paint will not last as long as a stain when applied to bare exterior wood structures such as fencing, decks or gazebos.

Contact Legacy Painting for Fence Staining

Whether your fence is brand new or has weathered for several years, we strongly encourage staining the wood. If you’re in the Indianapolis, IN area (including Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Plainfield, Greenwood, and Greenfield) and looking for a fence staining company to stain your wood fence, Legacy Painting can help! Contact us at (317) 426-7228 or by filling out the form to request an estimate and we will contact you to set up a free consultation.

*Note: Legacy Painting does not install wood fencing, we only stain them. If you would like us to refer any companies we recommend, we would be happy to provide you more information.

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