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Your House Painting Professionals

The exterior painting of your home is such an important part of maintaining the integrity of your home as well as its curb appeal. Having your home painted routinely will help ensure a long-lasting exterior to protect the interior of your home. Legacy Painting believes that if we’re going to paint a house, we’re going to do it the right way.

Too often we see where some painting contractors leave a job site in a mess, never cleaned or prepped the surface they’re painting to allow the paint to bond with the surface properly, and leave customers having to hire another contractor to fix what was previously done.

Exterior House Painting Done Right

1-year-labor-material-warrantyOur Exterior Painting Approach to Make the Job Last

Legacy Painting not only uses proper painting techniques to make sure your newly painted house will last, but we will back it up with a 1-year labor and material warranty.  We take pride in what we do.  When you hire Legacy Painting as your exterior house painter, we want the house to look as good years from now as the day we put the paint on. Obviously, paint isn’t forever, but we can do what we can to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Part of our process includes:
  1. Pressure washing of the painted surfaces to remove dirt, mildew, peeling paint, etc., and allow the surfaces to dry before painting.
  2. We will caulk areas where caulk has failed
  3. Mask off all windows and shingles to prevent overspray. Use drop clothes around concrete, deck, and entries to catch drips.
  4. We will spot prime areas that need to be primed.
  5. We will apply 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® or PPG Acri-Shield ® Exterior paint in colors of your choice.

indianapolis residential painting contractorEvery Home Has Different Needs

Obviously, each house can have different needs. Some homes need fully primed especially when changing the colors of the exterior. Other homes may need spot primed, making the job more cost-effective for the homeowner. Some homes have more windows, some may be historic with great detail in their trim, and some may be pretty straightforward; every home is a little different.

Protecting Your Home

exterior painting in progressNo matter what size shape, age, or detail every home deserves to be properly protected during the painting process.  We make sure to pay attention to detail masking off the trim, windows, doors, and other areas. We will also lay down paper, drop cloths, or plastic to prevent drips from accumulating on your concrete, carpet, tile, wood floors, decking, or any other surface.

Project Examples

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