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Indianapolis Fence Staining

Professional Wood Fence Stainers

Have you recently installed a new fence that needs stained? Do you have an existing fence that has turned old and gray that needs stained? We have you covered! Wood Fence Staining is one of our specialties at Legacy Painting. 

Exterior wood fencing can begin to turn gray within the 1st year of being built no matter what type of wood. One thing we pride ourselves on is our ability to make old wood look new again.  Now, if your wood is rotting, there isn’t anything we can do about that other than to replace that wood because once it starts to rot, it will continue to rot. But if there is no rot and the wood is just gray, we can help.

A good stain and sealing can give your fence some protection from the weather to give you a longer life to your fencing.

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Our Process:

Apply our environmentally safe and biodegradable wood stripping solution to the fencing

pressure wash fencing

The reason we apply our stripper is to remove the gray layer and any contaminants on the surface of the fencing. In many cases, we will also have to address fencing with mold, moss, and mildew. Our cleaning solutions are designed to remove these mildew and mold spores. If we do not do this process, the stain will not bond as well with the wood grain. Applying stain over mildew and mold spores without addressing them with a cleaning solution will just mask 

over the issues and you will have a problem with it again sooner than later.

Pressure wash the fencing

After we apply our solutions to help us prep the fence for staining, we will do a light pressure wash and clean up the wood. Once your wood fence dries it will look clean and brighter and your fencing is ready for staining.

Protecting Landscaping

protecting from stain dripsWhether we are painting your home, staining your deck, or even your fence, we always take the time to examine the work areas and protect areas with paper, plastic, tape, tarps, and drop cloths. There are many companies that won’t take the time to protect from drips or splatter from stain, we are not one of those companies. Not only are we a fence staining company that provides quality work and materials, we also will properly prep each area to protect surfaces from any splatter or drips. We want to keep each area as clean as we can while we stain your fence.

Apply your desired fence stain

Ideally, we would like to apply a quality oil-based stain to the fence. This will help protect the fence and soak into the wood the best. Sometimes, the homeowner wants to save a little money with a water-based stain which is fine, but it may not provide the protection an oil-based wood stain may provide. 

apply wood fence stainOur process is similar whether your wood fence is new or old.  We will remove any contaminants on the surface of the wood with our cleaning solutions, followed by a light pressure wash to ensure the stain bonds well with the wood grain.

If you’re looking for a good company to stain your fence, contact us as Legacy Painting. We will come to your home, examine your fence staining project and provide a free estimate for your review. 

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