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Indianapolis Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing

Improve the look of your property with professional pressure washing.

Over time, dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and stains can buildup decreasing the curb appeal of your home or business. Many of these problems can be solved with quality and thorough pressure washing. Legacy Painting may be an Indianapolis painting company, but as professional painters, we have to clean, and pressure wash every exterior prior to painting or staining as part of our routine prep. We receive many calls if we can just pressure wash and the answer is, Yes!

Our Pressure Washing Service includes:

Paver & Patio Cleaning: Whether you have brick, stone or concrete your paver patios, retaining walls, driveways or walkways need to be cleaned from time to time. With our industrial pressure washing machines and mobile water tanks, we can clean most anything anywhere.

House Washing: Many homes will have mold and mildew buildup around the home and our team is trained to address these issues. As a standard part of house painting, pressuring washing the home is essential prep work. Whether we’re pressure washing exterior Aluminum, Brick, Wood, Stucco, Cedar Concrete or Vinyl you’re in good hands with our team at Legacy Painting.

Driveway Cleaning: Driveways are no stranger to use and abuse. These surfaces become dirty and dingy over the years, so routine pressure washing of the driveway is an important part of keeping your homes curb appeal.

Sidewalk Cleaning: Like driveways, these surfaces take a lot of abuse and no stranger to dirt and grime over the years. Our high-powered pressure washers can do the job to make your sidewalks clean again.

Building Cleaning: Whatever the size or surface, we can help keep your commercial property clean. From sidewalks, concrete, block, stucco and more we can make sure to clean the exterior surfaces of your business with our pressure washing crews.

Fence Cleaning: Maintaining your fence is important to make it last as long as possible. Cleaning a fence is more than just using water, it can require various detergents to make sure to kill mold and mildew buildup that we often see in our fence staining projects. Since fence staining is a large part of our business, our team knows the ins and outs of making sure your fence is pressure washed properly.

Deck Cleaning: Like our fence staining process, our deck staining process is top-notch. Making sure to kill mold and mildew on decks is a key step in any deck pressure washing. Our team is well equipped with the right products and tools to make sure your deck pressure wash is done correctly.

Pergola Cleaning: Bring the beauty back to your pergola with a good pressure wash. Our team has the experience with our pergola staining, how to properly pressure wash your pergola and remove the dirt, mold, and mildew.

Bundle Your Painting, Staining and Pressure Washing

Save money when you bundle your house painting, commercial painting, deck staining, or fence staining project with our pressure washing services! If you’re painting or staining the pressure washing of those surfaces are part of the project so there is no extra cost, but if you’re looking pressure wash your driveway and sidewalk along with the painting or staining, we can bundle those projects together.

At Legacy Painting, your satisfaction is important to us. We do our best to deliver the best customer service experience from the time you request a free estimate to the time we leave the property.

If you are looking for a pressure washing service in Indianapolis, consider Legacy Painting! Call us at (317) 426-7228

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