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House Interior Painting – Westfield IN

These homeowners of their recently purchased home in Westfield, IN were looking for a painter to make their new home their own and change the colors of some of the rooms. Moving from a different part of the country, they were looking for a good painter to complete their interior painting project.  They’ve always done the painting themselves but elected to hire someone to paint this time.  So they decided to visit the local PPG Store in Westfield and get some recommendations of quality painters they could contact.  Legacy Painting was one of the contractors the staff at the store said they could try and get an estimate from. Once they gathered some contractors to call, we had an opportunity to provide an estimate. After reviewing the estimates and talking with the customers about their goals and vision of the new painting project, they elected to use Legacy Painting as their interior painter

Upon arriving, the customer walked through everything they wanted to be done, but since this project was a color change (going from a darker color to a lighter color), we had to discuss the possibility of the walls possibly requiring 3 coats instead of the standard 2 coats. Because of the possible 3rd coat, we were able to provide the customer an idea about how much extra the cost would be for an extra coat so they knew what to expect.

Since the customers were in the process of moving and out of town during the project, they gave us a house key so we could come and go as needed in order to complete the project before the movers arrived to deliver their furniture. Once we started painting the rooms, it was determined a 3rd coat was necessary for some of the rooms, but not all of them and we were able to give the customer an advance notice. 

The project was completed on time and the homeowners were able to move right into their new home without the worry of our crews trying to work while they were unpacking. The overall project turned out really well and we really appreciated the communication with the customer during the project – it made our job better, and more efficient and made the customers’ experience smooth.


Like every interior painting project, we masked off all the substrates that we were not painting to keep them clean, used drop cloths on the floor (making sure to pay special attention to the custom wood floors), patched holes, sanded, and primed the necessary walls and patches. 

Interior Painting:

Once all prep and priming were complete, we applied 2-3 coats of PPG UltraLast™ Interior Paint in a Matte finish. If you’re unfamiliar with UltraLast, it provides great washability for an interior matte finish which is not seen in many interior paints. And with grandkids visiting from time to time, it was important to the customers to get a smooth low-sheen paint with the durability to handle the kids when they come to stay.

The stair railing was never painted and so before painting, we needed to sand down the wood railing, prime, and finish with 2 top coats using PPG Pitt-Glaze. If you’re unfamiliar with Pitt-Glaze, it is a really great Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy that is a one-component acrylic epoxy coating that we often use on some trim work as well as high-traffic commercial/residential projects that require excellent durability.

The Colors:

Walls: Bone White PPG1085-2
Ceiling: Basic Flat White
Stair Railing: 2-Tone – Bird House Brown MEN7094-6 & Delicate White PPG1001-1
Family Room/Laundry Walls: Elemental PPG1011-2

This Westfield interior painting project turned out great and the homeowners were very satisfied with how everything turned out. We look forward to future projects with this customer and hope they enjoy their new home!

If you are searching for local interior painters in Westfield, consider Legacy Painting as your local painter.

We take pride in our work and will ensure your paint is applied properly to give it a longer life.

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