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Benefits Of Painting Vinyl Siding

Benefits of Painting Vinyl Siding

Can you paint vinyl siding? Yes. But…

Here are some benefits of painting your vinyl siding.

Over time the sun and weather can dull the color of vinyl siding. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize that with the right paint and color, you can successfully paint that dull vinyl siding. However, you do have to make sure to use vinyl safe paintUsing ordinary exterior paint is not a good idea and could lead to damaged vinyl. Most manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, PPG Paints, and Benjamin Moore create special exterior paints for vinyl siding.

*Contact your local paint store to learn what vinyl safe paints they have available!*

When the right type of exterior paint is applied to the siding, it can improve durability and is less labor-intensive than painting wood, brick, Hardiplank or other hard/rough surfaces. Also, since vinyl siding does not retain moisture, pressure washing and dry time can be faster.

So what are some of the benefits of vinyl siding exterior painting?

  • Fading Colors: Vinyl Siding fades and painting it makes the siding look new again, which can help the value of the home.
  • Curb Appeal: Update the color of the home and enhance curb appeal.
  • Protection: Increase protection from weather elements with a fresh coat.
  • Little to No Priming: In most cases, a primer is not necessary. Only in cases where the vinyl siding is pitted and porous should priming be needed.
  • Longevity: Painting the vinyl could extend the life of your siding.
  • Cost: It’s less expensive than installing new siding.

Things to consider before painting your vinyl siding:

  • Warranty: Painting your vinyl siding could void the warranty. Check with the manufacturer before painting.
  • Pressure Wash: In some cases, siding doesn’t need to be painted, but a good cleaning.
  • Painted or Replaced: Does the vinyl siding need painted or just replaced. In some cases, the siding needs replaced.
  • Difficult to Match: Sometimes vinyl siding get damage from hail, stones, sticks, garden tools, etc and when it needs to be replaced, matching colors can be challenging.

To Paint Vinyl Siding or Replace

Ultimately, the decision on what to do with the vinyl siding boils down to the homeowner and what they would like to do.

The good news is that as a homeowner, you have options. As said before, many homeowners don’t know that one can successfully paint vinyl siding, so now that you do, you have some extra options to consider on exterior home maintenance. Obviously, if your siding is damaged, replace it! But if you don’t want to replace all the siding (for example color matching issues), doing some exterior painting after replacing only the damage vinyl becomes an option. However, make note that painting new siding could void the warranty. So, consider your options and we wish you good luck in making the best decision for your particular situation.

If you need an estimate on what it would take to paint your exterior vinyl siding, contact us at Legacy Painting! We can help with your vinyl exterior painting carmel indiana or anywhere in the Indianapolis metro! We would love to hear from you and provide some figures to help you make the best decision for your home.

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