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How Often Should You Paint Your Walls?

How Often Should You Paint Your Walls?

How To Know When Your Walls Need To be Painted

With something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, you can transform a room. But when it comes to repainting the interior walls of your home, how often should you paint? There is no rule for how often interior painting should occur unlike exterior painting or deck staining. Interior paint can last a very long time, so it primarily boils down to how your walls look (to you) and their condition.

But there are some signs you can look for on your walls to assist in the decision to repaint or not including:

Peeling Paint: For starters, high-quality paints should never peel. When cheaper interior paints are used, walls can eventually start to flake. Also, if peeling starts to happen, it is possible the walls were never prepped correctly before the paint was applied. Furthermore, not using the correct type of paint can cause premature peeling; for example, using the wrong paint for the high-humidity of a bathroom.

Scuffs and Damage: Even when a homeowner does their best to take care of their walls, it is inevitable some areas are going to receive a few scuffs and marked walls (or trim). When children are present, you can be sure walls are going to receive some minor (or major) damage.

Tired of the Color: Many homeowners will change the interior paint colors when they first purchase a home. Other times, they decide to change furniture and paint to match the furniture or decide to change the entire color scheme to make the home more appealing. Nevertheless, home décor and paint colors change all the time for a number of reasons.

Cannot be cleaned anymore: Depending on your quality of paint, many homeowners will find the paint they chose was supposed to be washable and learn that it is not, or not anymore. Constant washing can lead to light patches where you’ve cleaned. After constant washing, eventually, you will find the wall needs a fresh coat. If a paint is not washable, you will eventually find out. But if you do wash your wall, make sure to do the entire wall, instead of spot washing – which can eventually lead to discoloring in only the spots you’ve washed.

When It’s Time to Paint

Many customers will ask how often the walls in their homes need to be painted. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on the homeowner when they should think about some interior painting projects. At Legacy Painting, if you are unsure if your walls need a new coat of paint, we are glad to discuss that with you.

In many cases, we have found that when a wall needs new paint, other walls maybe fine. Turning the wall that needs painting into an accent wall changes the room. However, if your paint is flaking, dull, or too marked up to clean, a full room or full interior house painting project could be the best remedy.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis interior painting company, we’ll be glad to provide an estimate.

What Legacy Painting Can Provide

Understand Your Goals: When we arrive at your home for an estimate, we will discuss your goals and vision. After learning the goals, we will put together our recommendations and numbers based on what you want to be done.

Offer Recommendations when Needed: Homeowners will often ask us, “So what do you think about ______?” We will do our best to answer your questions the best we can. We can also offer certain recommendations that are within our expertise.

Proper Wall Prep: It is a sad truth that many painters will call themselves “professional painters.” A homeowner may quickly learn the painter isn’t professional at all. One of the biggest things that set a professional painter apart from a non-professional painter is their attention to detail and wall prep. If a painter spends a lot of time in their prep work, chances are, you hired a pro. At Legacy Painting, we pride ourselves on our prep work. We will make sure that when we apply paint to your home, it’s done correctly. We want you to enjoy your fresh paint for years to come.

Use Quality Paints: We will use whatever paint a homeowner wants us to use, but when we put together an estimate for a customer. However, our estimates always include quality paints from Sherwin-Williams or PPG paints. We put a warranty on our labor and materials. So when we paint your home, we want to make sure we use quality products to ensure our warranty. We want to make sure that your paint is going to last for years to come with a higher-quality paint.

Deliver What We Promised: If you hire Legacy Painting to do a painting or staining project, that is what we do – we do what you ask of us. We also will do our best to exceed your expectations in our craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for an residential painter or a commercial painter in or around Indianapolis, consider Legacy Painting. Our experienced painters will make sure your interior painting project is done right.

For your Free Estimate, call us at (317) 426-7228.

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