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Exterior CMU Commercial Painting – Fishers IN

This property, location off Kincaid Blvd in Fishers, Indiana was in need of painting. The old paint was chipping and if not painted, could cause issues down the road.  After contacting Legacy Painting for a bid on the project and reviewing the other bids they received, they decided to use Legacy Painting as their commercial painter on this project.    


We started off the project by pressure washing all surfaces to clean and remove peeling paint. As we went along, we used an exterior detergent where mold/mildew were present on the surface. Because of the chipping paint and the overall condition of the surfaces, we used a rotor tip on the pressure washing of the areas where there was peeling paint.

After the wash was done, we caulk all wood joints where the previous caulking has failed. We also caulked the minor settling cracks in the block as well. However, the caulking did not include the expansion joints. Legacy Painting can perform a lot of various repairs, but masonry repairs are not something we’re entirely equipped to perform.

After the washing, we scraped any remaining loose or peeling paint as much as possible. Because the building is made up of a lot of split face block, it is not easy to scrape and that is where the rotor tip on the pressure wash was very helpful.

Since a lot of the chips came off, much of the block was bare, so we did a full prime to all of the block with PPG PERMA-CRETE® Exterior Concrete & Stucco Primer to seal out moisture and improve adhesion. The PERMA-CRETE Primer is a great masonry primer and “is formulated to provide a uniform seal, good holdout, adhesion, alkali and blister resistance, and mildew resistance on the dry film”.

We also, mask off all the windows, the stripe, and signage. We covered and protected the landscaping, parking lot, sidewalks, business fronts, and cleaned up the job site daily before leaving.

It’s difficult to clean up loos paint chips while wet, so we waited until everything was dry and we cleaned up the loose paint chips after drying out.

Exterior Painting:

Once all prep was complete, we applied 2 coats of PPG PERMA-CRETE® High Build Acrylic Topcoat to the exterior masonry surfaces.

For the metal surfaces, such as the door frames, meters, gas lines, metal trim caps, railings, gutters & downspouts, we applied 2 coats of PPG PITT-TECH DTM which is a great paint for metal surfaces that are exposed to the elements.

This exterior painting project turned out really good and the business owner was very happy with how it turned out.

If you are searching for a commercial painting company in Fishers, IN to paint your facility, consider Legacy Painting as your commercial painter

We take pride in our work and will ensure your paint is applied properly to give it a longer life.

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