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Decorative Garden Fence Staining – Carmel, IN

This decorative cedar fence in Carmel, IN was recently installed and needed stained to protect it. The homeowners liked the look of the natural cedar color after a good rain without any type of wood stain on it. But after reviewing the staining options and discussing the importance of the tint in a wood stain to protect the wood from UV rays as well as their options, the homeowners decided to use a light colored “Natural” stain by Sikkens. They felt this was a good choice to achieved as close to that looked they loved but providing the protection of the wood they wanted.

Before we began fence staining, we properly cleaned the fence with a light wood cleaner and brightener, followed by a light pressure wash. This is a process we do even with new fencing because even-though it’s new, it still needs to be cleaned to open up the grains in the wood and allow the stain to bond much better to the wood than just a pressure wash.

This fence staining project turned out great and the customer was happy with the results.

If you are looking for a good Indianapolis fence staining contractor, consider Legacy Painting.

We take pride in our work and will ensure your fence stain is applied properly to give your wood fence a longer life.

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