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Broad Ripple Fence Staining – Indianapolis 

This privacy wood fence was recently installed in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, IN. Following the contractor’s recommendations, the owner allowed the fence to cure for a few months before staining the fence. When they were ready to stain, they called us at Legacy Painting for a fence staining estimate.

The owner really like the look of the fence after a good rain, but wanted to see how the fence would look with various stains.  They supplied us with an extra board from the fence construction and we applied several wood stain colors to the board (after cleaning it first) and presented the board to the homeowner.  After reviewing the samples, they decided to go with PPG ProLuxe™ Natural (078 Natural) wood stain.

When we arrive, the fence was starting to gray-out a little (which is perfect), so we applied our stripping and cleaning solution and pressure washed the fence to prep the wood and accept the stain.

On an important note: You will see in the pictures an apartment building behind the home. We wanted to take precautions since we were planning on spraying the stain on followed by back-brushing (to work the stain into the wood). There were vehicles parked right behind the fence and any overspray or wind can carry the stain and lay on the paint of the vehicles.  The last thing we wanted was to cause any damage to the vehicles, so the homeowner notified the building manager so the tenants can be sure to park their vehicles away from the fence during the staining project.

Overall, this fence staining project turned out well and the customer was satisfied.

If you are looking for a fence staining company in Indianapolis or anywhere around the metropolitan area, consider Legacy Painting.

We take pride in our work and will ensure your stain is applied properly to give the fence stain a longer life.

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