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Exterior Commercial Painting – Bargersville City Building

The City of Bargerville was working on updating one of their buildings downtown where a professional commercial painting company was needed.  As you can see in the pictures, the building was in need of some repainting. The old paint was chalky and the lettering on the building needed some work as well. They also replaced the awnings in above the side doors.

The city hired a local General Contractor to bid on the project, so the G.C. reached out to Legacy Painting for the exterior painting aspect of the project.  We did not do the lettering, but we did do the commercial exterior painting as well as repainting the exterior doors. 

When we arrived to begin the project, we had to bring in a few pressure washers to clean up the exterior and remove all of the chalkiness to provide a clean surface for the paint. Anytime that you’re going to repaint a surface, make sure that you properly prep the area before painting, otherwise, the paint will not adhere well to the surface you are painting.

One of the things we pride ourselves is our prep work before the commercial painting.  There are a lot of painting contractors that won’t take the time to properly prep the surfaces they’re painting for one reason or another. Not Legacy Painting. We understand the importance of proper prep work and spend as much time as needed to clean the surfaces to make sure the exterior paint will bond to the properly. If you don’t prep before painting, you could run into warranty issues.  

In addition to cleaning the metal surfaces, the project also required a lot of re-caulking. Much of the old caulk on the building was beginning to fail, so as part of our prep work, we made sure to recaulk all of the areas to help protect the building from any possible leaking prior to the exterior painting.

The weather was very kind to us for this project and we were able to complete the work in a timely manner. Keep in mind that when painting a metal surface (like this building), is that in direct sunlight you have to be cautious because the surface can actually get too hot for the paint. Even though it could be 80 degrees outside, that metal surface can be much hotter.

Also, you can run into a scenario where the paint dries too quickly because of the sun and cause very noticeable lap marks.  An experienced quality commercial painter knows how to work in these types of conditions to make sure the paint goes on well. 

Overall, this commercial painting project for the City of Bargersville turned out great and the customer was very pleased with the work Legacy Painting provided.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis commercial painting company to work in Indy or anywhere in the metropolitan area, consider Legacy Painting.

We take pride in our work and will ensure your paint is applied properly to give your paint longer life.

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