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Redwood Deck Staining – Carmel, IN

Redwood is a beautiful wood to work with.  Although it’s a domestic wood, originating here in North America, it’s not a very common wood in Indiana, but we come across it sometimes and every homeowner loves their redwood. Just like any deck, Legacy Painting always takes special care with every deck staining project we do.

This redwood was a previously stained redwood decking and the homeowner wanted to restore it and apply a new coat of stain.  We first applied our biodegradable and environmentally safe wood stripping and cleaning solutions, but They also had a lot of landscaping around, so we made sure to protect it as best we could during this step in the process.

The old wood had a couple layers of wood stain on it, so we had to go over the surface a couple times in combination with a stiff bristle brush to scrub in the solution and really work it into the old stain. After about 20-30 minutes of allowing it to settle and get deep into the wood to remove the stain, we went over it with a pressure washer.  

The stripping and pressure washing was able to completely remove the old deck stain and even before we applied the new stain, it was looking good.  The homeowner decided to go with Sikkens Natural Color Translucent Oil Based Wood Stain.  This stain will keep most of the natural color of the wood while providing the protection the homeowner was looking to achieve.

All in all, this redwood deck staining project turned out great!

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