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House Painting in Crows Nest Indianapolis 

This is a beautiful home in the Crows Next area of Indianapolis, IN we were able to complete near the end of November. Despite some weather challenges, the temperatures and weather broke enough for us to complete the exterior painting.

When it comes to exterior house painting in Indianapolis during the late fall, the colder weather and other conditions can make it challenging for any exterior painting, residential or commercial painting (including wood staining). In order to complete a project in the late fall/early spring conditions, using a product such as Sherwin-Williams Resilience paint, can help. Temperatures below 40℉ will affect the paint drying and cure in a reasonable amount of time.

Keep in mind, that if you are looking for house painters during the late/fall, winter, or early spring, know it’s unlikely they will be able to paint your home until temperatures become warmer. It’s not a matter of if they can paint the exterior of the home, it’s a matter of the weather cooperating to complete the project.  

Overall, this project turned out great, the customer was happy and we were happy to have some good weather to allow us to complete the house painting.

If you are looking for professional house painters in Indianapolis or anywhere around the metropolitan area, consider Legacy Painting.

We take pride in our work and will ensure your paint is applied properly to give the paint on your home a longer life.

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