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Exterior Brick Painting – Westfield IN

This homeowner in Westfield, IN was looking for a makeover to their home exterior. They felt the red brick was pretty bland and needed a change. They did a google search for good local painting companies near Westfield, IN that could paint their exterior brick and the rest of the trim on the home. After a hail storm and insurance claim, they figured might as well go all out. After discussing with the homeowner about their goals and options, they chose to utilize Legacy Painting as their painting company.     


We started off the project with a good pressure wash of the home exterior to make sure we have clean surfaces and allowed the surfaces to dry before painting. Once dry, we began our prep by masking necessary areas, protecting the front porch, back deck, driveway, and windows. Then we caulked all the necessary joints and primed the brick and bare wood with PPG’s SealGrip which is a great primer to utilize for various surfaces such as exterior wood, masonry, plaster, wallboard, cement, brick, and more.

Exterior Painting:

Once all prep and priming were complete, we applied 2 coats of PPG Permanizer Exterior Acrylic Latex paint in a Satin sheen to the exterior surfaces. Permanizer is a premium long-lasting exterior finish that’s durable and just an excellent exterior paint. The customer chose White for the brick and trim and Black as their accent color for the front door and garage door.

This exterior painting project turned out really good and the homeowner was very happy with how it turned out. Their teenage daughter (who was skeptical at first), was even pleased with the new look.

If you are searching for a local painting company in Westfield to paint your brick, consider Legacy Painting as your go-to painter

We take pride in our work and will ensure your paint is applied properly to give it a longer life.

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